How it all began..

In February 2019 an advert was posted on Facebook in the Brighton area by Ultra Events for a 8 week comedy workshop which would culminate in a showcase event raising money for Cancer Research UK.

78 people initially signed up to find out what this was all about. All people with an interest in stand-up comedy but not of the experience of doing it.

The course was to last 8 weeks to write and work on a 5 minute set to deliver to our families and friends.

Week by week the numbers reduced until there was 20 of us.  Under the mentoring of Stephen Grant we worked on writing, performing, re-writing, performing again, giving us the confidence to deliver our 5 minutes.

On 19th May, to an audience of nearly 300 people, 20 novice "comedians" delivered their 5 minutes.  And the house came down.  Don't take our word for it, click on the link below and find out for yourself.

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